Gogged Launches new goggedpaintball.com web store

Gogged Launches new goggedpaintball.com web store

Established in 2003, Gogged Paintball is San Diego's longest running paintball pro shop.  Recently the store was purchased by new owner Michael Gilbert, who is in the process of revamping this piece of Paintball history, adding new product lines, services and most importantly a fully functional online store.  

Almost everything that is available in store will be listed online, including Gogged's famous range of second hand paintball equipment, including reconditioned Autocockers, Automags, Angels, Shockers and more.  

Soon we hope to also make our products available on other channels including Amazon.com and eBay for select products. 

We offer instant support via messenger chat (providing you don't message us while we are out playing paintball, or asleep) and to celebrate our launch, will be offering free shipping for a limited time to the continental USA. 

Thanks for shipping Gogged Paintball, and we look forward to seeing you instore or helping you out online soon!